Subproject 子项目 6

Subproject   子项目   6

Response of seagrasses to aquaculture effluents and the filtering capacity of seagrass meadows for anthropogenic nutrients and organic matter.

Participating scientists

PD Dr. Tim Jennerjahn (ZMT), Dr. Lucia Herbeck (ZMT), Esther Thomsen (ZMT), Dr. Daoru Wang (HAOFS), Prof. Jianfang Chen (SIO), Prof. Aimin Wang (Hainan University)

Project description

The effect of human activities can be a severe threat to seagrass meadows which are among the ecological and economically most important coastal ecosystems of the tropics, but still hardly investigated. The major goal of this subproject is to assess how various seagrass species respond to increased inputs of land-derived substances and if seagrass meadows as a whole can serve as a sink for anthropogenic nutrients and pollutants and hence as a buffer for coral reefs.

Basic information about seagrass in our Fact Sheet


Video presenting seagrass, the endangered prairies of the sea

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