Subproject 子项目 5

Subproject   子项目   5

The influence of eutrophication on trace gas emissions and environmental factors such as the availability of oxygen and the pH.

Participating scientists

Dr. Tim Rixen (ZMT), Marco Drews (ZMT), Dr. Thorsten Warneke (IUP), Dr. Hella van Asperen (IUP), Dr. Denise Müller (IUP), Dr. Daoru Wang (HAOFS)

Project description

Eutrophication is one of the main factors driving the spreading of bacteria-dominated zones on continental shelves and in estuaries. Accompanied changes in the oxygen concentration and pH values affect a variety of marine organisms such as corals. The main goal of the project is to study effects of eutrophication on the concentrations of dissolved oxygen and the pH as well as the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs: CO2, CH4, N2O) into the atmosphere. Therewith we will contribute to the overarching project goals by providing new data and knowledge that is important on a global scale as well as on a local scale as it is crucial to better understand the current and future development of coastal ecosystems (seagrass beds and especially corals reefs) of Hainan.

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